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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Download Game CTR For PC

Previously I've shared about the PSX emulator or emulators can be called also for Play Station 1. With these tools we can play games PS 1. Well, on occasion this time I will try to share games PS 1, the game Crash Team Racing or better known as the CTR. Blogger pal've certainly not dong familiar with this one game? Although've outmoded, it is still good game loh for the play. Moreover, if a blogger friend in the computer game, there will be more fresh air, heheh.

How to Play a Game CTR In PC / Computer:
Game Crash Team Racing (CTR) is when a blogger friend of his wanted to play no longer need to use the emulator, because it was a package in his file CTR, buddy bloggers just need to copy-paste d3dx9_26.dll file contained in the CTR to the folder C: \ WINDOWS aja. When you have Crash Team klik2x files Racing PC Game. (dos screen will appear, so do not worry).

Download CTR For PC


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2 comments to “Download Game CTR For PC”

wah bikin gue jadi inget aja pas CTR lagi populer2nya , seru c maennya ....
tapi klw di PC kyk nya susah deh maenya , bisa keyboard lepi ane rusak gan ....

electrocitizen said...

Hi, I new to this site how to download CTR what is that password to download

Balaji said...

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