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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Facebook Account Hacker V 2.4

Hacking is a term stolen or damaged. How to hack like a virus just a few months or weeks beberpa can work, rest hacking tools can terdekteksi, meaning social network admins would like facebook, yahoo, etc., has been equipped with Google's security is always on the update, so every time he felt there was a spam or data thieves he'll find out where the network weaknesses facebook, yahoo, etc. it.

Like Facebook Account Hacker v 2.4 in the last year or months before febuary of this software can be used to steal the Oline paswoord id in facebook by typing ps victims continue to try to guess how many paswoord the target. 100% successful but it works well in febuary 2009. If now?? Do not expect deh. hehehe

Oiya, buddy bloggers do not try to use the hacker software V2.4 Facebook acoount this again, because according iformasi I get, can-can your facebook account banned by facebook, because the facebook will record your IP.

Software that are sold even in the Internet is now less so updates or even destructive and deceptive, such as:

  1. Sometimes the virus has been in paste form, etc. ex trojan virus when downloaded.
  2. Can be downloaded but have the password, and then tell us to buy but when we get the password by way of purchase, not a hack but it doraemon.hahaha film (much like that happens peniupuan). So be careful wrote in buying something on the internet.
  3. The lure of money by paying you can get a facebook password and email others.
  4. No virus could be used in love but unfortunately it was jadul software. It was blocked by facebook.
For until now there belom software that work well to steal passwords on the Oline facebook. The most that can be used to work on people in the freezer facebook facebook only v1.0, as I discussed in the past. That, too, for now the tool is not running anymore, because the facebook has to fix it.

Just info only, there is one company in the field of IT in the United States opened the monitoring service or in other words get an account paswoord email, facebook, etc.. but can be done simply by filling out the order form it and come directly to the company. (meaning only your own family members who may be in the hack, for example husband to wife, parent to the children who are under 18 years). So tersbut Hack 100% legal. (cost $ 100)

Create a blogger friend who was curious with Facebook Accounts tool v 2.4 Hacker him, please download at aja, but I am not responsible, well, when things happen that are not desirable. Okeiii

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